• Unit 2, Hawthorn Business Park, Puddlebrook, Drybrook, Gloucestershire, GL17 9HP

TMP Manufacturing

Our low volume production was started as a by-product of our tool making activities in Total Metal Products. However we recognised that this work was best serviced by a standalone business therefore in July 2015 we established TMP Manufacturing – specialising in prototype, low volume, end of life component manufacture with Automotive as the key target.

However we realised that this is an area where we could really make an impact as our engineering background enables us to come up with low cost innovative manufacturing techniques for both old and new products.

Our key customers in this business are Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover Ltd and London Taxi Company.

With both skill sets (production and engineering) housed on the same site we are confident we can offer a service that is both innovative and customer focused.

Total Metal Products can offer a solution for OE’s to have specialist manufacturing support on key components :
  • Roll formed components
  • Stretch bent components
  • Resistance and Mig welded components

We have proven supply chain solutions to support all of the above however we would prefer to be acknowledged as an engineering resource known for skill sets rather than product groups as we have a large pool of knowledge and this allows us to work on a variety of products.

Our in-house skill sets and equipment include :
  • Stretch bending
  • Roll forming
  • Ring rolling
  • Laser welding of plastics
  • Assembly of components to create sub assys
  • Bonded storage for bailment stock components
  • Daily logistical controls
  • Packing